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Forget everything you know about hiring people

October 3, 2022
If you ask any consultant about hiring employees you will get the same set of advice you know: state the company's vision clearly, communicate your mission clearly, make a good interview, and such. It's time to forget the rules, times changed.

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Forget everything you know about hiring people

You can't sit on too many chairs

Cybervetting can have pronounced impact on workforce by broadening discrimination

September 19, 2022
A new paper on cybervetting says that organizations need to develop and implement clearly defined rules regarding how they use online information about job candidates.

Female managers pay fairer

September 12, 2022
There are two levels of reference for the elementary question of an appropriate remuneration of work: the markets and the needs of the employees.

Pitch quality of CEO voices rests entirely on gender

August 29, 2022
A new study reveals the effect of pitch quality of CEO voices may rest entirely on gender.

Employee turnover costs more than you think

August 22, 2022
In 1914, Ford began paying his factory workers $5 a day for eight hours of work on the assembly line.

51% of supply chain leaders increased number of network locations

August 15, 2022
According to a Gartner, survey among 403 supply chain leaders in the second quarter of 2022, 74% of supply chain leaders made changes to size and number of locations in their supply chain network in the past two years.

If company overcomes post-IPO innovation slump, it will survive longer

August 8, 2022
Researchers from Goethe University, Duke University, and London Business School published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that explains why some companies remain innovative even after they go public, while many others do not.

62% of consumers will stop buying from brands that compromise products to cut costs

August 1, 2022
Sixty-two percent of consumers say they'll stop buying from brands who change product size (“shrinkflation”) or quality (“skimpflation”) to cut costs, according to Gartner.

Companies must invest to avoid supply chain scandal or pay the price in lost consumers

July 25, 2022
If a supply chain scandal does hit, customers want companies they buy from to act—and a combination of actions, not limited to firing their supplier—is the best way to minimize lost consumers. Apologies are not enough.

How awards, recognition decrease inventors' creativity

July 18, 2022
New research from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, has identified one reason why some first-time producers struggle to repeat their initial creative productions while others go on to continually produce creative works.
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