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An endless ambition is all you need

Allana O'Shannessy |
You have finished high school, you weren't at the university and you don't have an MBA. The question: How far can you go in the world of business? The answer: Straight to the top.

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Young people have many idols, from sport stars to rock stars, and young businessmen have a different types of role models. Those may be a very successful businessman like Jack Welch or Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, or a genie that escaped from the bottle like Steve Jobs.

However, when a young man reads the biographies of those visionaries he can see very often that they have finished the best schools, there are many letters under their names, MBA being the most important, and at that moment it's easy to think that without the best schools and highest titles it is impossible to be a top manager. Fortunately, with virtually no school you can achieve the highest results.

Here you will ask two questions: "How?" and "That means I don't need to go to school!" Firstly, those who said the second sentence are absolutely wrong and it shows that they don't think. Stay with us and you'll see why and what is the answer to the question.

Some people never had a chance to go to university and there are millions of reasons for that. The first thing to remember is that the fact that someone has just high school doesn't mean he's lazy.

Maybe the money was an issue, maybe there was no such school anywhere near, or maybe some life condition made turned the university into a distant dream. The question "How?" has a simple answer: "Work hard and learn".

Going to school and taking courses is very important but let us here introduce another very important word: self-taught. That word is often reserved for something like playing guitar or working with modelling clay.

But if we dig just a bit deeper in the history of business we will see many examples of men without school that have became the proud of human kind.

Well, first find what you like, and then put all your strength to learn everything you can about that. If you must work to earn the money for life then do that but don't forget to follow what you love. It is very hard to work alone, that's true, but failure is not an option.

To some people the lack of school can be very disappointing and real psychological problem, but don't think "What if..." Learn and work and you will succeed.

So, what made the greatest members of human kind so exceptional? The hard work and endless ambition. But, not the ambition to earn millions, but to boldly learn what no man has learned before.

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