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Fast job, well done. Is there such a thing?

Ted Blackwater |
In today's ultra-competitive world, the pressure on employees is rising almost daily. Everything should be faster and better, day after day. But, is it possible?

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To work fast, an employee must posses: knowledge, experience, good working environment, and will. Let's take a brief look at all of those factors before we ask the crucial question.

First, knowledge is a must, of course. All details of the task at hand, no matter the job, your employee must know inside out. But, and this is No2, that knowledge is nothing without experience collected in true working environment. To know and to be able to do - that's not the same.

Third, a good working environment is also a must. All procedures must be in place, your worker must have all equipment needed and support from other departments when needed. And now we came to No4: willingness. We assume that your employee has a good salary and benefits and that your company is running like a group of happy and dedicate people.

So, in that - a bit idyllic setting - can you expect fast job, well done? Can you expect a new marketing campaign tomorrow? A fix of that crucial machine in two hours? Can you fix the manufacturing problem in China - and it's midnight and nobody's in the office? And it's lunch break in China...

Speaking from many years of experience, yes, you may expect fast job, well done, but only if you have extraordinary people - or a person - in your company. Here we really mean extraordinary to the fullest meaning of the word: not good, not great, but extraordinary and above all levels.

There are not many companies that have such person, plural is even harder to find, because it requires many years of experience on most complex business problems and in different fields.

A few examples. If your top engineer can design a new product in a week - an extraordinary employee will make it in a day. If it takes a day to repair that machine that's broken - you need somebody to do that in an hour. If your marketing campaigns usually take months to be done - you need a creative able to make it in a few days. You see, extraordinary is the right word.

You also need a person that's - on top of that - able to take step forward, take command and say "I'm in charge for this." Such persons can lead others and they make plans very fast, they can change plans fast, and they will do 90% of the jobs by themselves. They just have to be left alone to work and you will be amazed by their speed and professionalism.

So, forget "good," "great," "nice job" employees; you need somebody with a rich experience from many fields, somebody capable to literally leave all other workers wondering "How the heck she did that!?!" Those people are very rare and if you don't have them in your company, well, we are sorry but "fast job, well done" is impossible.

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