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How today's world creates mentally weak persons and weak leaders

Ted Blackwater |
Every company, and every country for that matter, needs a strong leader. But, did you notice that it's becoming harder and harder to find a mentally strong person that will lead your company to a better future?

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Unfortunately, the problem is not specific to just your company, it's broader and encompasses the range of industries.

The problem is not the education only, it lies deeper in the society, beginning from the family, and as the result we got leaders who change their opinion as the environment asks frequently, those who can't come up with a revolutionary solutions that will change the industry, which in turn leads to a weaker society and the business that supports it.

An example: These days it's enough for a small group of people to yell loud and the whole company will change the course, there will be apologizes all the way, product lines will change and "don't stir the water" will be the main policy. That stands true for companies in any type of business although in many cases those who complain are a) in a very small number and b) their complaints are not of a substantial meaning for the society.

It's important to see here that we are not talking about big issues, such as "employ more women," but about nonsensical yelling like "your coffee it too hot!" And indeed, one relatively recent example was a customer who complained that the coffee on the shelf was too hot and that, of course, caused a small but loud group of people to jump in support and against the "evil" company.

Nobody cares that a) a hotter drink may stay hot on the shelf longer and b) that every person with a sane mind knows that a hot thing is, well, hot.

Don't think that this example was just an internet rant, there's no doubt that the company did something about that or, at least, apologized in one way or another to unhappy customers. Although their number is unbelievable smaller and their complain borders with pure stupidity.

There are many more examples like this and the only group of people who has some benefit of it are lawyers who sue everybody and his dog. If you are in America that is, in other countries "a hot coffee is hot" will make people laugh, it will not cause the whole company to apologize and pay for a long trial or compensation or settlement.

Why is that? Why company leaders apologize for anything? Why companies change course when a small group of unsatisfied people yell? Why the whole company changes its course when 0.00000000001 percent of customers says they will change the company and buy other products?

The answer is simple: Decades of ever-increasing political correctness that, this is a surprise to some, led to weak personalities.

Now, let's be clear, it's not OK to insult people just like that, but the problem is when the political correctness expands to every part of life and on totally idiotic things.

Let's see an example. If you call African Americans "niggers" you will insult them. And that is totally understandable and unacceptable. That word was used as a humiliation toward black people for hundreds of years and it should not be used.

But then someone started to use "n-word." "He said n-word!" So, the very word became unaccepted to be even spoken! And that's not right. Every word deserves to be spoken with, of course, clear explanation what it means for somebody. But now we have a situation when the sentence "Nigger is an insult for black people" will get you fired! Why? Because you should say "N-word is an insult for black people."

Do you see the stupidity of this? You must not even mention the word, or you are in trouble.

That, in turn, leads to a cancel culture. As more and more things may be taken as an insult, more and more things became forbidden in the society. And by that we mean American middle class. And the UK. Partly.

That leads to jokes that can't be told because they could insult somebody, to books that can't be published or are cancelled because they could insult somebody, and that gave the immense power to a small group of people that yells about anything and anybody.

Now, what that has to do with the business and how we got there?

Well, it has anything to do with the business because business and country leaders are weak persons and we got there thanks to years of poor education in the family.

How do you know if someone is a strong person?

We all know that intuitively and we are right: that is a person that follows their beliefs, leads life that benefits other people too, and is able to lead other people to a better life. Those are all characteristics of a good business leader, too.

Think about it like "When men were real men and women real women."

So, when and where those characteristics were lost? At home.

It is true that adolescence now takes 10 years more than before. While your parents were completely independent in their 20s, your kids today don't know how to find their own apartment in their 30s. If you think that's cute, and simple life tasks are extremely hard and "adult" things, you are wrong and make this society weaker.

Now, you may say it's economy, everything is more expensive today than in your time, you may be right, but the point is that your kids, our kids, are not ready and prepared for life after school. They think that every small thing they do is a great achievement and the society in which anything is "great" is to blame for that.

So, what parents do today?

Every time there is a problem, they step in. They give answers every time they were asked. They protect their kids from everything and anything. In short, they do everything for their kids, and among everything is a large number of things they shouldn't do. Because they at the same time tend to forget that their generation did many more thing by themselves, without any help. And they are fine now. Ready to live. Ready to work. All fine and well.

And then there's business. How to recognize a mentally strong person that one day will be a good leader? There are several sings, very simple but unfortunately very rare to find these days.

Mentally strong people don't do things trying to please others and they don't live on their recognition. They are not talking around "Look, I did this job! I did that! See me on a new job!" trying to get likes. They are just doing their job and the results come. Only mentally weak search for recognition of others all the time because they have no self-respect whatsoever.

Mentally strong people know what makes them good or great. The are totally aware what are their strengths and weaknesses and what they should do to be even better. And they don't need others to tell them that.

Mentally strong people always take some time to think about what to do and why to do it. They don't jump to conclusions just like that, they don't believe fake news simply because they use their brain and common sense, and education and experience of course, to tell what's wrong and what's right.

Mentally strong people know that patience is the key. While the business world often demands fast answers and quick actions, the success is based on patience and careful creation of the business and the career. It is better to be second for the right reason than the first for the wrong reason. Unfortunately, we can see many companies just wanted to be first just to end up in dust.

Mentally strong people know when to say "no" and when to close the business or stop to do something they do. They are not afraid to decline the offer when it should be declined, and they are not afraid to close the business or a product line when it's not performing, and then start with something else, maybe even in a different industry or way of life.

So, how to spot a mentally weak person you shouldn't consider as a manager in your company? Well, in fact, you can see that easily.

If a person has more internet posts about themselves than actual results, forget them.

If a person can't say "no", for example if you ask "Are you prepared to work 20 hours a day, every day?" and the answer is not "no", forget them.

By keeping those person away from your company you will strengthen your company, the business overall and the country. It's simple as that.

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