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You are creative

Roger Quinn |
Contrary to widespread opinion, all members of Homo sapiens species are creative. It is not a gift of rare individuals, it is written in our genes.

Along with usual thinking that creativity can only be connected to artists, the usual prejudice is that it's not welcome in every situation. If someone works as an accountant he needs to be precise and careful with numbers, there's no need for creativity here, right? Wrong.

There are two types of creativity, one is innovative and the other is adaptive. The first is the ability to look at the problem from different angles and to find a new solution. The adaptive creativity is the ability to improve everyday processes and workflow.

It is obvious that both types of creativity are useful, we just need to find the right place for each of them. While it may seem that innovative creativity is a superior one, that's not true. It is useful when an absolutely new approach to problem is needed, like in marketing, while the adaptive one if useful everywhere.

And here lies the catch: There are many people with excellent adaptive creativity, but we think they are boring and uninteresting. When an employee find a way to save paper and pens, when a liftboy find a way to cut electricity expenses, when a cleaning lady do her job with less water and other material - those are all examples of creativity. Every worker that find a way to do his job better, faster and cheaper is a creative person.

And indeed, if you look around and think that way you may see things you didn't see before. In every office there is somebody who can solve any misunderstanding. There are people that use a tool or a machine in a new and more effective way. There is a person who found a way to organize meetings in a more productive way. In other corner you will see your colleague who knows who to do the job faster and with less resources... You see, those creative people are all around us.

You are creative too, because we are all creative. Every improvement in workflow or business process is the proof of creativity. Don't think that all your employees should be Einsteins. That great man knew how universe works but he didn't excel at other life activities. Look how he was dressed or read his biography and you'll see what we mean.

This world needs both types of creativity because both types are useful. Stop for a while, look around you and try to find a way to make use of that potential in your employees. A completely useless worker may be a star in another department. Think about that. And of course, you are creative, too. Don't forget that.

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