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10,000 Chinese soldiers inside India, Modi met national security adviser

Christian Fernsby |
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday met with National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and the three service chiefs as a border tension with China in eastern Ladakh continued, media reports said.

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The military leaders apprised Modi about the situation in eastern Ladakh, news agency PTI said quoting sources as officials maintained that the agenda of the scheduled meeting was military reforms and improving India's combat prowess. There was no official comment or details available about the meeting.

According to a report from Business Standard, there are about 10,000 Chinese soldiers inside India, claiming the Galwan valley.

The report further stated that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops are rejecting every effort by the Indian officials to resolve the issue. Now, it has become a very serious situation, as the 10,000 Chinese soldiers inside India are already digging defenses to protect themselves, in case India launches any attack. Here’s a brief of the report below:

“The most worrying situation is in the Galwan valley, where the PLA has crossed China’s own claim line (which Beijing had stated was the border with India) and breached 3-4 kilometers into Indian territory. PLA troops are digging defenses to equip themselves to face any Indian attack.”

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