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16 killed in five hours attack on construction firm in Afghanistan

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At least 16 people were killed on Wednesday as militants attacked a private construction firm in Afghanistan's Jalalabad city.

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Attaullah Khogyanai, spokesman for the Nangarhar provincial Governor's office said "The attack on MQ building company, located close to Nangarhar airport, began at around 5 AM and lasted for over five hours.

"Sixteen employees of the company were martyred and nine more were injured.

"5 militants were also killed.”

A car laden with explosives that the attackers drove to the MQ headquarters, two suicide vests and several improvised explosive devices were also seized and destroyed by the security forces

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack which occurred around 10 km east of Jalalabad city, capital of the province of the same name where both Taliban and the Islamic State groups are present.

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