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23,000 tons of hazardous waste found in Latvia's seaside resort

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Hazardous waste have been found at an illegal dump site that burned down in a major fire in Latvia's seaside resort city of Jurmala last weekend, Latvian environment minister Kaspars Gerhards said at a news conference on Wednesday.

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The minister said that some 40 percent of the 23,000 tons of waste such as spent batteries, spray cans and electrical cables that had been stored at the dump site had burned in the fire.

"The discussion as to whether this was waste or recyclable products is over," Gerhards said, stressing that now it was necessary to establish how all this trash could have ended up in the "middle of Latvia."

Work is now underway to clean up the area destroyed by the blaze. If Prima M Company, which manages the dump site, proves unable to clean the territory, the State Environmental Service will take over and clean it, Gerhards promised.

The minister also said that those responsible for the presence of hazardous waste at the Jurmala dump site should be called to account.

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