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254 percent jump in Brits seeking French citizenship since Brexit

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There are a lots of Brits who aren't waiting to find out how Britain's plans to leave the EU pan out before getting their French citizenship sorted, with a massive rise of 254 percent in requests.

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Formal Brexit discussions have just got underway but there are a lot of British people in France who aren't waiting to see if the politicians come up with a good deal before claiming French citizenship, The Local reports.

Understandably concerned about what the future holds for their status in France as Britain's plans to leave the European Union move forward, the number of British people requesting French citizenship has shot up up from 385 in 2015 to a whopping 1,363 in 2016, French newspaper Le Monde has reported, according to information from France's Interior Ministry.

This represents an overwhelming increase of 254 percent in requests.

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