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550 kilograms of marijuana burned to generate heat for Munich homes

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The customs office in Munich burned 550 kilograms of marijuana in a waste incineration plant - the equivalent of around 3.8 million joints.

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It was a morning unlike any other at the heat and power station in Olching, northwest of the Bavarian capital, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), The Local reported.

Munich customs decided to have the cannabis destroyed in the plant due to a lack of other facilities which can accommodate large-scale incineration.

Several hooded and armed customs officers were guarding the truck containing an unusually large quantity of weed as it entered the plant on Tuesday, ready to be burned.

"For us, it's just rubbish that needs to be destroyed," customs spokesman Christian Schüttenkopf told SZ.

Though the marijuana comes from Albania, the exact origin is unknown and thus cannot be used for medical purposes.

German customs discovered the drugs south of Nuremberg in December last year in a truck from Serbia. The driver of the vehicle is currently in custody.

But it’s not just the quantity of the drugs that’s impressive, it’s also the quality.

The drugs contain an active ingredient content of up to 16 percent. Customs normally confiscate cannabis with an active ingredient content of 12 percent. It would be worth several million euros, says Schüttenkopf.

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