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60 percent of Chinese kids get on Internet at age of 6 to 10

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More than 60 percent of Chinese youngsters started using the internet between the ages of six and ten, according to a survey.

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Nearly half spend less than two hours a day on the internet, while 24 percent stay online two to four hours every day, said a survey jointly conducted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Tencent.

Short videos and music are the subjects which they spend a lot of time on, as 29 percent of respondents said they "spend almost all the time" listening music and 20 percent watching short videos.

The survey also found that many use the internet for learning purposes, as 20 percent said they have to search for data and information, doing homework and looking up words online every day.

Some 22 percent said they would use the internet to read news and current affairs.

The survey warned that pornography, internet fraud and cyberbullying have become major threats for young people.

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