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Air Canada plane avoids disaster in San Francisco

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An Air Canada plane on Friday inadvertently lined up to land on a taxiway at San Francisco International Airport before being turned away by an air traffic controller, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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The Air Canada A320 aircraft had been given the green light to land on Runway 28R, but the pilot somehow positioned the plane to land on Taxiway C, which runs parallel to Runway 28R, according to the FAA, NBC Bay Area reports.

The air traffic controller noticed the issue and prompted the plane to abort its landing attempt and make another pass, according to the FAA. The plane circled around and landed successfully on its second attempt, the FAA said.

The Mercury News reported Monday that there were four planes fully loaded with passengers and fuel sitting on Taxiway C at the time of the incident, according to the FAA.

An expert told the newspaper the "near miss" could have been the worst aviation disaster in history.

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