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Air China makes emergency landing in Russian Chukotka

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The crew of Air China Boeing 777 reported that plane’s fire alarm had been triggered during the flight, prompting the captain to make an emergency landing in Anadyr, the capital of Russia’s Chukotka District.

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According to the airline, all 188 passengers on board were evacuated via inflatable ramps.

Air China’s plane jet was flying from Beijing, China to Los Angeles, USA, when the fire alarm went off in the cargo compartment.

“The crew reported that the fire alarm was triggered in the baggage compartment and the decision was made to make an emergency landing in Anadyr. All airport services ... ensured the safe landing of the aircraft,” Russian Civil Aviation body Rosaviatsiya said.

According to the officials, there were 188 passengers on board the aircraft, they were evacuated by inflatable ladders. Now it is planned to accommodate the passengers in Anadyr hotels and in the transit zone of the city’s airport.

The regional Emergencies Headquarters reported that the information about the fire on board the Boeing was not confirmed, and no one was hurt in the incident.

Rosaviatsiya asked Air China when the airline plans to send a backup plane to Anadyr to deliver passengers to Los Angeles.

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