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Airplane returns to Moscow because of cockpit decompression

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The plane of the Tajik Air that was flying from Moscow to Khujand (Tajikistan) returned to the Domodedovo airport (Moscow) because of the cockpit decompression, a source in emergency services said.

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"There was a decompression onboard the aircraft. The plane ran out of fuel and landed at Domodedovo," TASS cited the source as saying.

According to the source, there were 141 passengers onboard. According to, the plane returned to Domodedovo around 04:18 Moscow time.

According to an on-line scoreboard on the Domodedovo website, the airplane of Boeing 737-300 of Tajik Air took off at 01:03 Moscow time. According to, the plane U-turned in the Ryazan region and flew back to Moscow. After that it began circling over the southeast of the Moscow region, gradually shifting to the north.

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