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Alaska homeowners receiving substantially bigger earthquake damage payouts

Christian Fernsby |
Southcentral Alaska homeowners began receiving substantially bigger earthquake damage payouts in recent weeks after the Federal Emergency Management Agency acknowledged it was not properly accounting for earthquake-specific damage to foundations.

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The reversal came amid mounting pressure from Alaska’s U.S. senators, local officials and homeowners, who said initial payouts weren’t taking into account winter conditions and the type of damage that occurred in the Nov. 30 earthquake., Anchorage Daily News reported.

The larger payouts come as a financial boon to dozens of homeowners who were facing serious debt, if not bankruptcy or foreclosure, to fix sunken and cracked foundations.

The deadline to register with FEMA is May 31.

Those who have already received awards can appeal again and provide a contractor’s estimate for foundation damage, FEMA officials say.

Some homeowners are also hoping to get state law changed to open up additional aid.

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