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Albanian official warns of earthquake risks after drought

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An Albanian official warned of earthquake risks after the drought lingering in the country amid the ongoing heat wave.

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At a press conference, Shemsi Prenci, head of Albania's Civil Emergencies Department, said Albania risks being hit by earthquakes like that of 1967 which killed 12 and injured 174.

The official gave the warning after two minor tremors measured 2.4 and 2.6 in Richter scale were registered in the Elbasan district in central Albania.

"After the heat wave in recent weeks, our country faces the risk of strong earthquakes.

"And, considering the fact that strong earthquakes repeat in a timeframe of around 50 years, it means that we should be careful this year," Prenci told reporters.

A heat wave has scorched Albanian for two months, causing several massive fires across the country.

Several teams of firefighters and Albanian military personnel are battling fires in many districts of the country.

Greece and Italy have sent water helicopters to assist Albanian authorities put out fires.

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