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All parties have improved view of Trump's handling of economy

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A slim majority of Americans, 51%, now say they approve of the way Donald Trump is handling the economy.

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That is up from 45% in June and is his best rating among four issues tested in the latest Gallup poll.

Trump's economic approval rating in the Sept. 6-10 survey marks the first time he has earned majority approval on any issue Gallup has asked about, including four issues measured in February and 10 in June.

The September poll also finds that 45% of Americans approve of Trump's handling of North Korea, 41% rate his handling of foreign affairs positively and 39% give him favorable reviews on immigration.

His rating on immigration has changed little in recent months, while his foreign affairs rating is up slightly.

Trump's overall job approval rating has yet to hit the majority approval level, topping out at 46% just after he took office in January. In Gallup Daily tracking, his job approval rating has been below 40% since early July.

It has improved slightly over the past two weeks after falling to personal lows the last full week of August. His most recent weekly average approval rating is 37%, based on Sept. 4-11 Gallup tracking.

Since Gallup last asked about Trump's handling of issues in June, the stock market has reached new record highs and economic growth has picked up, while unemployment remains low.

Trump appears to be receiving credit for these positive economic developments, evidenced by his 91% approval rating on the economy among Republicans, 48% among independents and 15% among Democrats.

Each of those partisan approval ratings for his economic performance is significantly higher than his overall job approval rating among the same groups.

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