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All Romanians can get vaccinated with no prior appointment

Christian Fernsby |
All Romanians can get vaccinated easily with no prior appointment on the online platform, prime minister Florin Citu announced, quoted by

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While this may be a sign of the Government properly organizing the vaccination campaign, it reflects authorities’ concerns about growing resistance expected in their effort to push the vaccination rate at the desired levels.

Health minister Ioana Mihaila said, in an interview given to a TV station over the weekend, that the June 1 deadline for the target of 5 million fully vaccinated Romanians (announced by the prime minister at the end of April, when a committee for “the return to normality” was set up) is not feasible.

Maybe 5 million - but only with the first dose (which indeed provides certain immunity) and rather as of June 15, Mihaila said, reported.

At the same time, she said that it was possible to reach the target of 10 million people with both doses by September 1, or 10 million with a single dose by August 1.

It implies that 5 million people would get vaccinated within one month and a half - at a pace of just over 100,000 per day.

This threshold was indeed reached (and exceeded) recently and the liberalization of the access to vaccination may support such pace for a while.

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