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Americans say Trump doing more to divide than unite country

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U.S. President Donald Trump faces deep challenges on international and domestic issues alike, with a job approval rating mired in historic lows.

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There is a broad sense he’s done more to divide than unite the country and a high level of public distrust that he’ll act responsibly in dealing with North Korea.

This is according to the Abc News/washington Post poll.

Views on North Korea underscore trepidations about Trump on the global stage.

Even as a record number of Americans see North Korea as a threat, the public by a wide 62-37 percent does not trust Trump to act responsibly in handling the situation.

Compare that with trust in U.S. military leaders; at 72 percent, it’s about double the level of trust in their commander-in-chief.

Despite his “drain the swamp” promise, Americans by 59-39 percent say Trump has not brought needed change to Washington.

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