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Americans want U.S. goods, but not willing to pay premium

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Americans say they love U.S.-made goods. They are less enthusiastic, however, about paying a premium for them.

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A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday found 70 percent of Americans think it is “very important” or “somewhat important” to buy U.S.-made products.

Despite that sentiment, 37 percent said they would refuse to pay more for U.S.-made goods versus imports. Twenty six percent said they would only pay up to 5 percent more to buy American, and 21 percent capped the premium at 10 percent.

Lower-income Americans were the most enthusiastic about buying U.S. goods, the poll showed, despite being the least able to afford paying extra for them.

The good news for U.S. factories is that Americans like the quality of many domestic goods.

Thirty-one percent in the poll said American-made cars are the best in the world. German cars were voted best by 23 percent of respondents. And thirty-eight percent said U.S.-made clothes were best.

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