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Americans view United Airlines more favorably than Trump

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United Airlines has endured a seemingly endless amount scandal over the past few weeks, bu Americans still view it more favorably than President Trump.

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Public Policy Polling, or PPP, asked 650 registered voters, "Which do you have a higher opinion of: United Airlines or Donald Trump?"

Forty-two percent of respondents chose United, while 40 percent chose Trump. Eighteen percent said they were unable to choose.

PPP asked additional questions about each of the two, and neither were viewed very favorably.

Forty percent said United is the worst airline, and the runner-up was American airlines with 10 percent.

As for Trump, 50 percent said they do not approve of his performance and 52 percent said they have unfavorable opinions of him. Fifty-five percent said he has not "made America great again," as he promised.

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