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At least 100,000 victims of slavery in UK

Christian Fernsby |
A new report by a British think tank said there could over 10 times the number of victims of modern slavery in the UK than previously estimated.

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The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) released a report estimating at least 100,000 victims far more than the 10,000 estimated by the government in 2017.

Former Foreign Secretary William Hague wrote in the report: “Most people find it hard to believe that, nearly two hundred years after Britain formally abolished slavery, the terrible crime of holding another human being enslaved is still widespread here.”

“That is because modern slavery is hidden from view, even though it is all around us,” said Hague, a member of the House of Lords, parliament’s upper chamber.

The report estimated the economic and social cost of modern slavery to be between £3.3 billion ($4.14 billion) and £4.3 billion, but real number could be far higher.

“Nobody knows the true scale and cost of the crime, but based on a new police data analysis tool we believe there could be at least 100,000 victims in the UK, with the actual number likely to be even greater,” the report said.

It also warned that there was a “serious risk” that coronavirus could “lead to a rise in modern slavery and human trafficking.”

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