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Australia to tighten overall airport security

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New rules covering Australian domestic travellers at Australian airports are expected to mimic U.S. standards, which would mean tighten restrictions on on-board liquids, photo IDs and possibly biometric ID checks and full body scans.

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All passengers would face identity checks when receiving boarding passes and anyone without a current boarding pass might not be allowed through domestic security.

The proposals are in response to the alleged plan to blow up an Etihad Airlines flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

Police say the plot was foiled only at the last minute, at check-in, when a metal meat grinder containing what has been described as a military grade explosive was deemed too heavy to be carried by a passenger as hand baggage.

Police have since charged two men (the passenger's brothers) with acting "in preparation for, or planning" a terrorist act.

The proposed security measures are likely to go before the Federal Cabinet within weeks.

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