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Authorities suspend mobile internet services in parts of Delhi

Christian Fernsby |
uthorities in New Delhi suspended mobile internet services in some parts of the Indian capital on Thursday amid growing protests against a controversial new citizenship law, officials said.

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The service provider Airtel confirmed to its customers who complained about the non-availability of service that it was "acting as per instructions from government authorities to suspend internet, voice and SMS services in many parts of Delhi."

Reports said internet was shut at ITO, one of the busiest parts of the capital featuring media offices, and northeast Delhi.

"Hi! Like we spoke, as per instructions from government authorities, Voice, internet and SMS services are currently suspended in your location. Once the suspension orders are lifted, our services will be fully up and running. We're sorry about the inconvenience. Thanks for your support!" said a tweet received by Danish Khan, who had complained to Airtel from northeast Delhi.

Subscribers who complained about call drops and the internet not working in central Delhi also received a similar response.

"We're complying with instructions received from government authorities on suspending Voice, SMS and data in certain areas in Delhi," Airtel told local media.

Massive protests are going on across India and inside universities after the new citizenship law passed by Indian parliament last week.

The law is aimed at granting citizenship to illegal immigrants belonging to six religions Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsi and Christianity from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, it has kept out Muslim immigrants from applying for citizenship.

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