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Bad Rabbit attacks Russia's top 20 banks

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Bad Rabbit ransomware attacked Russian mass media, Odessa Airport and Kiev subway, the CEO of Group-IB company dealing with investigation and prevention of cybercrimes, Ilya Sachkov, said, adding that it tried to attack Russian top-20 banks from 13:00 till 15:00 yesterday.

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Group-IB is investigating details of this attack.

The majority of victims of the new ransomware are in Russia but similar attacks are noted in Ukraine, Turkey and Germany, though at a smaller scale, Kaspersky Lab antivirus solutions provider said.

"The malware is disseminated through infected websites of Russian mass media. All signs indicate that this is a target attack against corporate networks," TASS cited Kaspersky as saying.

"The crypto virus is called Bad Rabbit in our case and according to data available with us, this is ransomware but not Wannacry or Petya," he said.

The scheme of the new virus resembles earlier ones and similar vulnerabilities can be used to spread it, the top manager noted.

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