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Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Finland have happiest people

Christian Fernsby |
In 2018, over 62% of people aged 16 and over in the European Union reported being happy all of the time (14%) or most of the time (48%) over the past four weeks, while 12% were rarely (8%) or never happy (2%).

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Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland have the happiest people: over three quarters of people (76% in each country) claimed to feel happy all or most of the time over the last four weeks. The next happiest individuals are in Luxembourg (74% of people), Spain (72%) and Denmark (70%).

In contrast, the frequency of being happy is the lowest in Latvia where 31% of people reported being happy all or most of the time and Bulgaria (35%), followed by Croatia (42%), Lithuania (45%), Greece and Romania (both 46%).

Looking at the extremes, Spain recorded the highest share of people that were happy all of the time (29%), while a similar share of people in Latvia (28%) reported being happy rarely or never over the last four weeks.

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