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Belgium recognises COVID-19 vaccine certificates from England and Wales

Christian Fernsby |
Belgium is now officially recognising vaccination certificates issued in England and Wales to allow travellers to prove they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus before entering the country, announced Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke.

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Since Monday 2 August, fully-vaccinated travellers have officially been able to enter the whole of the UK from the EU and the US without having to quarantine. Belgium is now reciprocating this recognition for anyone who has been vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine in England or Wales.

“All the necessary adjustments to the scan-app and the backend to be able to read and validate certificates issued in England and Wales have been made,” announced Vandenbroucke in a press release on Thursday.

In practice, this means that travellers fully vaccinated in England or Wales are now allowed to enter Belgian territory without having to quarantine for ten days by showing their NHS Covid certificate as proof of vaccination.

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