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Bolivian police seized 17 planes, 228 tons of drugs

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The Bolivian Special ForcE against Drug Trafficking (Felcn) seized 228 tons of drugs and 17 planes in operations carried out this year, Felcn Director Santiago Delgadillo said.

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According to Delgadillo, from January to from January to, the agents confiscated 10.9 tons of cocaine, 2.9 tons of hydrochloride and 214.2 tons of marijuana.

During that period, 8,832 anti-narcotic operations were carried out throughout the country, where 3,209 people were arrested, among Bolivians and foreigners.

Delgadillo described as very important the destruction of 31 laboratories of crystallization of hydrochloride, 25 for recycling and 2,583 factories of coca paste base.

The Felcn also seized 17 small planes and neutralize the airlift created by organized crime to transport drugs from Peru to Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Europe, using Bolivia as transit country.

In the success of these operations, coordination with the police of neighboring countries played an important role, the Felcn director stressed.

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