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Border patrol helicopter crashes in Urmia in NW Iran

Christian Fernsby |
Informed sources in West Azerbaijan Border Guard Command report that a border patrol helicopter has crashed in Dalampar to the southwest of Urmia near the Iran-Iraq border.

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Head of the Border Guard Command of West Azerbaijan province, Fardin Piri, confirmed the news, saying the crash happened in Dalampar border area in Silvaneh, Urmia.

He said details of the incident are as of yet unknown.

A border patrol helicopter has reportedly crashed in Dalampar mountains to the southwest of Urmia near the Iran-Iraq border while carrying border guards.

One crew has been reported to have lost his life in the crash, and three others are said to be injured.

Witnesses reported the dispatch of over ten ambulances to the site of the crash.

The governor of Urmia had to halt his media tour on dredging process of rivers upon hearing the news, and immediately left for the site of the crash.

Spokesperson for Iran’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) said the incident probably has left nine injured, two of whom have been taken to Arefian Hospital in Urmia. The other injured are for the time being kept at a border outpost due to a blizzard that has rendered any transport impossible.

Some reports maintain that the helicopter had crashed due to adverse weather conditions.

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