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Brexit boosts EU popularity amongst its citizens

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The European Union's popularity amongst its citizens has surged in the wake of the United Kingdom's decision to leave the bloc, a study by policy matters, a German opinion research institute has found.

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The center-left think tank based in Berlin conducted surveys in eight EU nations between May and June for the report that was commissioned by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The study indicated that concern over the implications of "Brexit" amongst European citizens still persisted but was outweighed by neutral and positive assessments of the vote's effect.

Forty percent of respondents believed that Brexit would weaken the EU, compared to 34 percent who did not expect any consequences, and 16 percent who said that the Union would even be strengthened as a result.

According to policy matters, the findings contradict fears that the loss of one of the European Union's major economies could lead to its complete dissolution as citizens of the bloc balk at the related difficulties faced by Britain.

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