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Brexit truth revealed: Remain camp knew Brits see no positives of staying in EU

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Remain campaigners failed to see any positives when they first began setting up their strategy for the EU referendum, it has emerged.

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Theresa May is under huge pressure today as Britons digest her Brexit agreement.

She claimed the deal puts the country in a position that is “better than Norway and Canada” but several high-ranking ministers have already resigned, including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab. However, prior to the 2016 referendum, a book claims that senior Remain activists failed to see any positives in staying in the European Union.

Tim Shipman’s “All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain” documents how Andrew Cooper, a pollster for the official Remain campaign, sat down with Peter Mandelson, Roland Rudd, Lucy Thomas and Susan Hitch in what was then a “Stronger In” strategy meeting.

Shipman writes that at the 2015 meeting: “Cooper’s message was simple: Britain was a lot more eurosceptic than they had feared.”

He then documents how the group outlined three key reasons why the British electorate had grown frustrated with Brussels.

Cost of membership, immigration and the way in which European law dominated British law were all considered critical.

However, crucially, none of the group could clearly name a benefit of remaining.

He adds: “The real punch in the guts for a pro-European like Cooper was ‘that’s what you don’t like [but] what are the positives? You’d usually get silence’.

“The focus-group members would look at each other sheepishly and someone would say ‘well there’s the trade’ but Cooper could tell their hearts were not in it.”

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