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Britain's tough measures against diesel to affect 10m cars

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Up to 10 million diesel vehicles in Britain could be hit by the country's toughest-ever clean air clampdown.

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Diesel drivers, including car owners, face a charge of up to 20 pounds ($25) a day in 35 towns and cities across England in a new government crackdown on vehicles that cause air pollution, the Sunday Times newspaper reported.

The report claimed that in up to 10 of the worst-affected cities, diesel cars as well as commercial vehicles could face either a ban from polluted areas during peak hours or daily charges to discourage them from entering downtown areas, or a mixture of the two.

The Sunday Times puts the number of diesel cars liable for the proposed charges as high as 10 million with only the newest vehicles excluded.

In another 25 towns, commercial diesels such as lorries, coaches and taxis would be the main targets of the bans and charges.

The Sunday Times reported the measures are due to be unveiled next week by Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom, as part of plans to require city hall bosses in every affected area to draw up plans to deal with air pollution.

The report added that London Mayor Sadiq Khan, will this week announce that from 2019 the most polluting vehicles will face 12.50 pounds ($15.70) daily charge when entering any part of greater London inside the North Circular and South Circular roads.

Currently a daily congestion charge covers only inner London.

Under Leadsom's plans, a network of clean air zones will be set up, with local and city councils mandated to impose bans or charges on polluting vehicles that enter them.

They will be enforced with camera networks similar to those used in London.

Senior government sources told the newspaper that there will be different ways of proceeding for different towns and cities.

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