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Brussels to ban Euro4 diesel vehicles from 2022

Christian Fernsby |
Brussels Low Emission Zone (LEZ) will be expanded to include the banning of Euro4 diesel vehicles in order to reduce air pollution starting from 1 January 2022.

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This means that cars, vans, buses and minibuses approved under Euro 4 standards, which dictate what is acceptable in terms of vehicle emissions, will no longer be able to circulate within the LEZ, which covers the 19 Brussels municipalities.

“Air pollution causes 9,380 premature deaths per year in Belgium. The LEZ will now enter a new phase: from 2022 onwards, no diesel vehicles with Euronorm 4 can circulate in Brussels,” Brussels Environment, which will launch a campaign to raise awareness of this change, said on Twitter.

The organisation emphasised that this is “an important step”, as Euro 4 is the last generation of vehicles that do not have to be fitted with a particle filter, meaning they pollute more than the others.

Following 1 January next year, there will be a transition period of three months until 1 April 2022 for people to adapt to the new ruling, after which drivers who fail to comply will be fined €350.

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