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Bulgaria withdraws from Eurovision

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The news we’ve been expecting for a few days has now been confirmed. Bulgaria’s broadcaster BNT has announced their withdrawal from the Eurovision Song Contest. The broadcaster did so on their Twitter channel.

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BNT announced that financial reasons are behind their withdrawal. The management of the broadcaster has decided that the costs of Eurovision are too high.

"We are sad to announce that Bulgaria withdraws from #Eurovision. The decision is based on financial reasons because the costs of the project far exceed the financial capacity of BNT according to the Management of the broadcaster.

Bulgaria’s Eurovision withdrawal comes as a surprise. The past few days, signs have been coming out of the broadcaster, though. The entire Eurovision Team, including Head of Delegation Joana Levieva and others, was laid off at the start of the weekend. They then went on to thank all their recent Eurovision entrants.

On Saturday, Bulgaria’s 2018 representative JJ confirmed the withdrawal rumours on Twitter. The broadcaster then also confirmed it on Twitter, but told fans to wait for an official statement.

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