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Bulgarian president hopes new government to be elected early May

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Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said he hoped that the new National Assembly would elect a government in early May.

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In a week, he will hand over a mandate to form government to a prime minister-designate nominated by the largest parliamentary party, Radev said on the sidelines of the National Assembly.

"I hope that the new cabinet will be a reality at the beginning of May," Radev said.

At the elections held on March 26, the GERB party won 95 seats in the 240-member parliament.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party came second with 80 seats, followed by the United Patriots with 27, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 26 and Volya party with 12.

Elections were triggered after the GERB party-led coalition cabinet resigned in mid-November last year, and parliamentary parties failed to form a new cabinet.

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