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By more than three-to-one margin, American disapprove end of Affordable Care Act

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By a more than three-to-one margin, voters disapprove of the Senate Republican plan to overhaul healthcare and end the Affordable Care Act, a new survey shows.

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Quinnipiac University found 58 percent of voters disapproved of the latest version of the GOP healthcare plan, while 15 percent supported it.

Compounding matters for the GOP, when voters were asked about specific elements contained in the plan, the numbers got worse: 71 percent of voters oppose cutting Medicaid, a central part of the GOP plan to rein in spending.

Another 61 percent oppose defunding Planned Parenthood - a figure that climbs to 81 percent when the questioner explained to the respondent that federal law already prohibits using tax money to subsidize the cost of an abortion and that the cuts would instead affect things like mammograms and prenatal care.

Overall, a 46 percent plurality said they would be less likely to vote for their member of Congress or senator if they voted in favor of the GOP legislation; 17 percent said it would make them more likely to support the incumbent and 33 percent said a lawmaker's position on healthcare would not change how they feel about them.

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