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Chief military prosecutor: Ukrainians should have right to carry weapon

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The chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatolii Matios believes that all Ukrainians should have a weapon in order to protect their lives, as reported by Ukrainian television station 112 Ukraine.

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“There are a lot of things happening in Ukraine right now. I hold to the principle that every Ukrainian should have a weapon and be able to preserve or protect his life in case of difficult times,” he said.

Matios confirmed that he carries a service weapon, since his status of a serviceman allows him to do so.

“This is my service weapon. I have the right to carry it, keep it and use it,” the chief military prosecutor said.

He also stressed that he uses the gun only at a shooting range or training ground.

In 2015, a petition demanding legislative approval for the right of citizens of Ukraine to defend themselves – in other words, to carry a gun – garnered the necessary 25,000 signatures.

President Petro Poroshenko’s rejected the petition, referring to sociological studies in which only 11% of Ukrainians support the ability to carry a weapon, and 82% are against it.

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