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Child population in Japan drops to all-time low

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In a continuing alarming trend for Japan's declining birthrate, the number of children under 15 stood at 15.71 million as of April 1, down 170,000 from last year, the lowest since 1950.

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The figure marked a decline for the 36th consecutive year and was almost half the peak figure in 1954, which was 29.88 million, according to a government survey released ahead of the Children's Day national holiday on May 5.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications estimated the latest figure based on national census data.

Children accounted for 12.4 percent of the total population. The percentage, which marked a decline for the 43rd consecutive year, fell to nearly one-third of the highest figure on record of 35.4 percent in 1950.

Of the 15.71 million children, 8.05 million were boys while 7.67 million were girls.

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