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Chilean customs officers begin an indefinite strike

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The National Association of Customs Officers of Chile (Anfach), convened its bases to a national strike starting.

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According to a statement published on their website, the measure is justified because the Government, represented by the Undersecretary of Finance, has disregarded the protocol agreements signed with the Organization on May 28, 2015 and on November 23, 2016.

"They presented a counter proposal that doesn't comply with the commitments undertaken with the customs workers."

According to the Trade Union, "the Government's proposal disregards that the categorization process be in one act.

"It limits the incorporation of civil servants who meet the agreed-upon antiquity; It also disregards the retroactivity to January 1, 2018, in case that the process ends after this date; in addition it disregards antiquity as a determining factor in the categorizing of workers, and disregards the internal contest agreed for the year 2019, proposing a five year process."

According to Anfach, this proposal of the Government favors the officials that are close to the interests of the Service's highest positions, "substantially deteriorating the conditions of those who waited for years and got prepared to choose a better condition and greater job stability but were not favored with high positions."

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