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Colombian officials discover 1,572 kilos of cocaine in container with avocados

Christian Fernsby |
A shipment of more than 1.5 tons of cocaine has been intercepted in the Colombian port of Buenaventura.

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The drugs were stashed in a container of avocados.

The Buenaventura Port Control Antinarcotics Company found 1,572 kilos of cocaine in the container.

The coke was in a container of avocados that was about to be shipped to the port of Antwerp.

From there it was to be delivered to a company in the Netherlands.

Another 296 kilos of cocaine were also seized by the Colombian navy in Buenaventura, a port city on the west coast of Colombia, this week.

Less cocaine is shipped through ports on the Pacific coast than from ports on the Caribbean north coast.

This year, about 9,000 kilos were packed in Buenaventura.

According to sundayworld the last big bust in Buenaventura was at the beginning of October, when a batch of 1,604 kilos of cocaine, also destined for Antwerp, was seized.

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