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Colombian senator: We can lead global action to save Amazon under wildfire

Christian Fernsby |
Senator Ivan Cepeda said Thursday that Colombia can lead a call for global action to save the Amazon, hit by forest fires for 17 days.

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'President Ivan Duque and Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes, the Amazon is in danger, and with it humanity. Colombia can lead a call for global action to save this planet's natural resource reserve,' Cepeda tweeted, referring to the current situation in what is known as the planet's lungs.

In the opinion of Senator and former presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, 'The Amazon jungle cannot be saved if Colombia and Brazil do not carry out an agrarian reform that gives areas of fertile land to farmers, if humanity does not stop consuming bovine meat, if we do not stop mining in strategic spaces of water and air.

'When we talk about climate change many people think we are talking about Mars. If the Amazon rainforest is burned, there will be sandstorms on the eastern plains and Bogotá will have the worst air in its history. Thousands of children will die from acute respiratory diseases,' he wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development lamented 'the disaster that occurred in the Brazilian Amazon jungle and other neighboring countries, due to the massive presence of forest fires,' and urged people to work together for the restoration and conservation of their natural, cultural and social resources.

According to Brazil's National Institute for Space Research, from January 1 to August 18, a total of 71,497 wildfires were recorded in the South American giant, 52.5% of which were in the Amazon region.

Because of the extent of the fires, some Amazonian states have declared an emergency situation or environmental alert, as the smoke can cause respiratory illnesses and affect air traffic.

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