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Consequences of western help: Almost all Ukrainian population unhappy with government

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Nearly 90 percent of the Ukrainian population is unhappy with the government management, a not encouraging news on the fifth anniversary of the start of violent protests.

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Just five years after the events in Independence Square (Maidan Nezelezhnaya), people take to the streets, paralyse roads and make demands of the authorities in an atmosphere similar to that of 2013.

Only this time, analysts say, they are facing a government that came to power after violent demonstrations and a coup d'état with the support of neo-fascist paramilitaries, who maintain their pressure on Ukrainian society.

Therefore, although salaries are falling, gas and other services to the population are increasing, as well as corruption, nobody here expects a repetition of the violent actions of 2014 that had direct support from politicians and Western countries.

According to a survey by the independent firm Sociopolis, 86.9 percent of those surveyed said that those who are now in government only work for their own benefit and defend their own interests.

Only 4.8 percent of those questioned consider that the government works for the people and defends their interests.

Ukrainian presidential elections are scheduled for March of next year. Polls place former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko at the head of the popularity of potential candidates, with 21 percent, while Poroshenko ranks fourth, with 10 percent.

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