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Crimea-bound Airbus A320 makes emergency landing at Zhukovsky, Russia

Christian Fernsby |
A Simferopol-bound Airbus A320 passenger jet with over 230 people on board made an emergency landing at Russia's Zhukovsky International Airport, a spokesperson from Russia's emergency services ministry said.

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"An engine caught fire during the take-off. After an emergency landing, A321 went off the runway," the Russian Emergencies Ministry said.

According to the air carrier Ural Airlines, the engine fire which prompted the 15 May emergency landing was caused when a bird flew into one of the plane's jet engines.

"According to preliminary data, all passengers of the A320 plane survived the hard landing in Zhukovsky," the spokesperson said.

Five children were among the 23 people in hospital after an Airbus A320 plane made a hard landing in Moscow region, according to the Russian health ministry.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry stated that the plane carried 234 people, including seven crew members.

According to the preliminary data, 10 people, including 3 children, were injured in the incident and were later taken to hospital.

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