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Croatia goes into partical lockdown for 30 days

Christian Fernsby |
National Civil Protection Headquarters in Croatia revealed new information on coronavirus pandemic.

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Health Minister in Croatia Vili Beros spoke first: "Six new patients were detected by infectological treatment, now we have 87. Five were cured. 1181 were tested in total," Beros said.

First man of Croatian Institute for Public Health and a member of National Civil Protection Headquarters listed cities with recorded cases. Most are in Zagreb, 41.

Davor Bozinovic, Minister of Interior, said "The headquarters is preparing the decision, since the amendments to the law enter into force tomorrow 00:01, then we make decisions. In this regard, I would like to announce that we will adopt a whole set of measures based on the opinion of the profession", he said.

This, he said, will be stricter measures of social distance.

"It is essential that each of us adheres to personal hygiene and distance measures. Indoors, the distance between persons should be two meters, and one meter outdoors. In order for this to work in practice for all citizens, a decision is being prepared to cancel all people in Croatia. public events and gatherings, work will be discontinued for all non-essential services: saunas, swimming pools, cinemas, clubs, theaters ...

"Also, all catering establishments will be discontinued, except for food preparation and delivery. All shops except food and hygiene items will be discontinued. Gas stations, bakeries ...," he said.

The work of gyms, fitness centers, trainings, exhibitions, shows, fairs ...

Religious gatherings are also being suspended, Bozinovic said.

"As far as employers are concerned, they are obliged to organize work from home. They must cancel meetings and business trips except as necessary. Prohibit those who have acute respiratory illness from coming to work," Bozinovic said.

"Another decision is in the pipeline, banning movement across borders," Bozinovic said.

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