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Crocodile warning issued in Northern Australia after cyclone brings record rainfall

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Having weathered extreme winds and rain from an ex-tropical storm, residents in the far north of Australia were warned on Monday to watch out for crocodiles which are lurking in the ensuing floodwaters.

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Ex-tropical cyclone Owen hit the northern State of Queensland over the weekend, bringing with it severe winds and record-breaking rains with a number of areas recording over half a meter of falls.

In the wake of the heavy weather, several crocodiles were spotted using bloated waterways to extend beyond their usual habitat, and into closer contact with humans.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told residents that large reptiles had been spotted in floodwaters and urged people to use caution.

"There are a lot of crocodiles that are being sighted at the moment so be careful on the roads and please don't go near the crocodiles," Palaszczuk said.

Queensland police said they have made a number of sightings, including one which was very close to a woman who they were rescuing.

The floods have caused the death of an 18-year-old man who drowned while swimming in a flood-affected creek in the state's north.

Authorities said the man was overcome by the pace of the water and became submerged, with paramedics unable to revive him.

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