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Cyclone now expected in Fiji on Tuesday

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Forecasters in Fiji say a cyclone brewing in the ocean to its west is now forecast to hit on Tuesday, with it expected to pull a loop before it veers east.

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Stephen Meke, from the Fiji Meteorological Service, says an extra day will allow it to draw in more moisture and gather strength, Radio NZ reported.

The cyclone will be the second to hit Fiji's west in a week, after Cyclone Josie last weekend killed six people and caused extensive damage.

There has been little let up in the rain since, and Mr Meke says an active trough lingering over the country will continue to provide heavy downpours until the cyclone's arrival.

"For the west it has eased a bit but we expect the trough to intensify again tonight. We expect the trough to intensify over the group and bring in more rain again tonight," he said.

The Fiji government has announced that all schools in the country will be closed until at least Wednesday.

The body of a 12 year-old boy has been found in the Natabua River in Fiji.

FBC Online says the young victim had earlier in the day wanted to go fishing and was warned not to go but it is alleged he snuck away.

On Saturday, a 59-year-old man died after he was swept away by strong currents in Tavua.

And a 67 year-old man swept away by flood waters was still missing, a search for him would continue once the weather improves.

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