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Damaging winds, flooding coming to central and eastern U.S. through Sunday

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Severe thunderstorms will pose significant danger to those celebrating Father’s Day weekend outdoors across the central and eastern United States.

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Residents from the middle Mississippi Valley to the eastern Great Lakes, Ohio and Tennessee valleys and central Appalachians will need to keep handy a weather radio or cellphone with severe weather alerts enabled.

“The storms threaten to spoil outdoor barbecues, fishing and boating ventures and trips to the beach around the Great Lakes for Father’s Day weekend,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Kyle Elliott said.

Even worse, the risk of winds strong enough to flip over tents, knock down barbecue grills and toss other loose outdoor items will be high through Sunday. Siding, roof, tree and power line damage is also likely.

Frequent lightning strikes, flooding downpours and hail will pose further dangers. An isolated tornado or two can not be ruled out.

Seeking shelter under a pavilion, tree or covered porch does not provide sufficient protection from lightning and high winds.

Seeking shelter indoors or in a vehicle with a metal roof is the best option when the first clap of thunder is heard or stroke of lightning is seen.

Into Saturday night, southwestern Michigan to eastern Kansas will be the corridor at greatest risk for violent weather.

This includes the cities of Chicago and Springfield, Illinois; South Bend, Indiana; and St. Louis, Columbia and Kansas City, Missouri.

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