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Dangerous heat to threaten Beijing, temperature challenges all-time record

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Temperatures are set to soar to dangerous levels this week across parts of eastern and northern China, including Beijing.

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Heat building through Friday will create dangerous outdoor conditions. On Wednesday, temperatures peaked at 36 C (97 F) in Zhengzhou, 34 C (93 F) in Chaoyang and 32 C (90 F) in Beijing.

The highest temperatures on Thursday were recorded in Tongliao, where thermometers briefly surged to 42 C (107 F).

Less hot conditions impacted Beijing and Tianjin, where highs ranged from 32 to 36 C (90 to 97 F).

Temperatures will increase further on Friday with widespread highs between 34 and 40 C (93 and 104 F).

Heat is expected to persist in Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, western Liaoning and eastern Inner Mongolia.

Beijing will continue to feel some of the most intense heat with temperatures again approaching 38 C (100 F) on Friday.

Temperatures may approach Beijing’s all-time record of 41.9 C (107.4 F), which was set in July of 1999, but will likely fall short of this record.

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