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Dangerous heat wave to build in northern India

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Following a brief reprieve from sweltering conditions, northwestern India will face a resurgence of dangerous heat this week.

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High temperatures were near 35 C (95 F) across the National Capital Region over the weekend, but big changes are on the way this week.

The heat will begin to build on Tuesday with temperatures continuing to climb into the weekend.

Temperatures will climb back to near 38 C (100 F) on Tuesday, and overnight lows will hover between 21 and 24 C (70 and 75 F) in New Delhi.

Temperatures will peak around 40-41 C (104-106 F) from Thursday through Saturday.

Other cities across India such as Lucknow, Nagpur and Indore will also face dangerous heat this week.

A high temperature near 34 C (93 F) is more common during the first half of April in New Delhi.

The heat will turn even more intense from Sunday into next week across northwestern India.

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