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Dangerous thunderstorms to hit U.S. central Plains

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Another round of dangerous thunderstorms will take aim at the central Plains as the weekend comes to a close.

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The thunderstorms will tend to be isolated in nature late on Sunday afternoon into Sunday night. However, any thunderstorm that develops can turn severe in a matter of minutes.

A storm system that is first unleashing wind, rain and snow out West will tap into building warmth as it emerges over the Midwest on Sunday.

“While a widespread severe weather event is not expected Sunday afternoon into Sunday night, any isolated storm clusters that do develop will likely be severe with a few tornadoes, wind gusts to 70 mph and local flash flooding,” AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Brian Koochel said.

Koochel anticipates these threats to be greatest from eastern Kansas into northwestern Missouri, eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

The threat area encompasses stretches of Interstate 29, I-35, I-44 and I-70.

Long and short-term travelers should be prepared to face near-zero visibility in the worst thunderstorms and pooling of water on roadways.

Those taking advantage of the warm weather outside should keep an eye to the sky and stay abreast of local severe weather watches and warnings. Seek shelter indoors or in a car as soon as thunder is heard or lightning is seen to avoid a life-threatening situation.

An unsupportive environment will make it difficult for any thunderstorms to ignite near the Kansas and Oklahoma border and southward into Oklahoma City, according to Koochel.

However, any isolated thunderstorms that manage to develop this far south would quickly turn severe.

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